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Established since 2006, Top Model is THE original No.1 leading professional model search competition in Ireland with a proven track record of discovering new model talent and creating dreams.

In addition to the fabulous opportunities that competition selection could bring for our applicants, the chance to win a host of top awards and fabulous prizes also awaits those fortunate enough to make it through to the national Grand Finals.

Our experienced team of industry professionals have an unrivalled and proven track record, providing top level coaching, genuine guidance and professional support for our finalists.

Top Model Ireland promotes healthy living and operates ‘No size zero’ recruitment, actively encouraging a wide-ranging mix of competitors.

The Top Model Ireland finalist is not only selected on the basis of their model and fashion industry potential but also in keeping with the characters of their own nationality.

Top Model Ireland is extremely proud to celebrate and promote cultural diversity by actively seeking applicants from all backgrounds in keeping if the competition entry requirements. This is highlighted in the actual format of Top Model ireland competition which features a number of awards.

Entry Criteria


The following is a brief overview of the entry criteria, along with general notes on what entrants need to do to apply. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

• Applicants should read the Entry Terms & Conditions and be happy with the commitments and requirements before applying. Top Model Ireland is a professional model search competition and shows and has various commitments that must be adhered to.

• Entrants MUST be female and aged 14 years or over OR male and aged 16 years or over on or before Saturday 18th March 2018.

• Applicants must represent their or their parents country of birth or be a passport holder for the country they wish to represent, if selected as a finalist.

• Applicants must be able to attend the Worldwide Final in London and be available in the UK 4 days prior for Fittings & Rehearsals and any pre show events, if selected as a finalist.

Top Model Ireland is a professional model search with full professional training, coaching and media support provided with a professionally produced runway Grand Final show.

• During the application process, a panel of industry professionals will regularly produce a short-list of the best applicants.

• These applicants will be contacted and asked to attend an interview for further information or asked questions. A short video clip of the Applicant and the Applicant walking will be taken at this stage of the decision making process.

• From these applicants the Top Model Ireland 2017 Grand Finalists will be chosen.

Grand Finalists will be selected on a number of criteria, including having a strong overall marketability, recognisable potential, good look and general performance.

• The selected Grand Finalists (not the applicants) will require to secure a Place Sponsor for their place in TOP MODEL IRELAND 2017, but ONLY if selected as a Grand Finalist. Place Sponsorship can be obtained through one or multiple sources and can be from individuals, professional organisations, companies, local businesses, groups of friends, family, OR an entrant can sponsor his or herself. It is not the intention of Top Model Ireland that the Place Sponsorship should be paid by Grand Finalists themselves but Top Model Ireland accepts and acknowledges that some applicants may choose to do so.

• Each selected Grand Finalist is required to sell/purchase a minimum of 4 tickets to the Top Model Ireland 2017 Grand Finals in order to provide a minimum level of support for the charity and to ensure an equal and fair competition environment for all finalists.

Application Form

Those lucky enough to be selected as a Top Model Ireland Finalist are required to arrange Place Sponsorship (participation fee) to help towards the costs of their place in the Top Model Ireland 2017 competition and to support our Charity Fundraising.

The Place Sponsorship (participation fee) only applies to those who are selected as finalists and there are NO ENTRY FEES to apply for Top Model Ireland and you do-not need professional pictures.
Unlike other events, Top Model Ireland has a selection process and so the Place Sponsorship (participation fee) only applies to those applicants who are actually selected as Finalists following a detailed application process. Anyone can sponsor a Finalist or a finalist can self-sponsor.

For 2017, individual Finalist Place Sponsorship for Top Model Ireland is ONLY €250.00
The Place Sponsorship (participation fee) includes all of the following and

A branded TOP MODEL IRELAND t-shirt or similar and any other TOP MODEL IRELAND merchandise that may be available, from the event organisers or event sponsors, for the finalist to keep and to use during and after the TOP MODEL Ireland 2017 Final and event.

Professional coaching, mentoring and runway training will be provided to the sponsored model.

Images will be taken at our Finals and finalists have full, free access to download and use them via social networking and other official links.

At the Final we have a full professional team of Make-Up artistes and Stylists who take care of this on behalf of Top Model Ireland at the Finals.

At the Finals the designers will be announced.

If a business or company would like to sponsor a finalist, the following superb benefits are also included as part of the Place Sponsorship (participation fee)

The Sponsor will be publicised and promoted on-line via Top Model Ireland by having their name and web link prominently positioned alongside the sponsored finalist throughout the competition on the official TOP MODEL IRELAND website.

Throughout the build up to the Final shows, the Finalists are encouraged and supported to appear in regional editorial press and many on regional and national radio/TV.

By working closely with their sponsored finalists, Finalists Sponsor can potentially enjoy extensive press coverage by sharing the Finalists media attention. A Finalists Place Sponsor also has full consent from Top Model Ireland to use the sponsored model throughout the competition for any additional local press and public relations (fair use).

There is also the obvious additional post event exposure potential for a Finalists Place Sponsor should the sponsored finalist go on to collect a major Top Model Ireland / Worldwide award or WIN!

We are always interested in speaking with potential new EVENT SPONSORS too, so please contact us by e-mail for more information.

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